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Ah, the Christmas season...

where the warmth of family and good friends is as soothing as a hot cup of cocoa on a wintry night. Christmas has always been a magical season for children as well as for adults. The anticipation that we all experienced, waiting for that jolly old elf with his plump belly, twinkling eyes and caring smile... yes I am talking about Santa Clause.

Remember the exhilaration and expectations you experienced as a child on Christmas Eve? When just the simple thought of Santa coming to visit that night to leave gifts for everyone was, at times, unbearable? Do you remember that excitement growing as you slowly moved down the dark hallway toward the delicate glow of the Christmas lights wishing... hoping to get a glimpse of Santa himself? Let Real Beard Santa take you back to that magical feeling you experienced as a child.

Santa is still around and as magical as ever. Whether it s a private party, corporate celebration, church function or charity event Real Beard Santa is here to help you and your guests relive those magical moments of Christmas' past.

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Extravagant feasts played a large part in the winter solstice festivals of ages past.

Apart from being a gathering where people exchanged good will and cheer, the mere existence of these feasts displayed faith in the prosperity of the upcoming year.

Holiday feasting hit its peak in medieval England, where the king and his court were constantly trying to outdo each other with outrageous quantities of food and drink. The guests at these festivities preferred their food to be presented looking as much like its animal of origin as possible. Not that the work was admired for long once it made it to the table. Conspicuous consumption was, after all, the order of the day.

In Victorian times, the boar's head, roasted oxen, and turkey had replaced other wild beasts, goose, plum pudding, and Yorkshire pudding.

Though there are still many traditional menu items, these days the food on the table is not as important as the idea of a gathering with family and friends, full of warmth and Christmas spirit.