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Who is Santa?

Tom "Santa" McAndrews

Tom started his career as "Santa" in 1985 when he performed for the US Attorney's Office in Denver, CO. He rented a Santa suit and white stage make up for his beard and the rest shall we say, is history.

Tom "Santa" McAndrews

He began performing for a number of different agencies such as Criminal Investigation agencies, IRS, US Customs, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Denver Police Department.

Shortly after starting the Santa gigs, Tom was invited to his first charity event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Denver. Since then, Tom has volunteered for the Combined Federal Campaign of United Way, assisted at the Christmas Wish store for The Children's Hospital and St. Luke's Presbyterian and accepted an invitation to appear as Santa for the Ronald McDonald House.

As time went on; Tom's beard and hair were becoming whiter and he required less stage make up to portray a proper Santa Clause.

Tom retired from his government job in January, 1998. He began working in Shopping Malls such as Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Southglen Mall, and, on occasion, the Aurora Mall. He continued his charity appearances and even performed as St Nicholas for a number of church groups.

Today, Tom has an event coordinator to keep his busy schedule straight as he entertains a number of charities, corporate, business and private clients from oil companies, to golf country clubs, and private home gatherings.

Tom is a member of a number of professional Santa associations, i.e., Society of Santa of Colorado, Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas and received a Bachelor of Santalogy after attending Santa school.